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About Antoine Online

Antoine Online is the e-commerce platform of Librairie Antoine, one of the main regional actors in the world of books. With ambitions to be the leading technology in its field, Antoine Online has over 2 million references in 5 languages from both Lebanese and foreign publishers, carefully selected by passionate book experts. With books specialized in literature, history, art, news, culture, and countless other genres, the online bookstore serves as a reference point for students, teachers, and readers alike.

Antoine Online offers international shipping to anywhere in the world, allowing it to grow as one of the foremost book ordering platforms both regionally and worldwide.

A brief history of Librairie Antoine :

1933: Antoine Naufal opens a tiny bookstore in downtown Beirut.
1935-1939: Antoine is soon joined by his two brothers Pierre and Emile, Pierre is in charge of schoolbooks, Emile of general literature while Antoine of the finances and general management.
1946: A second branch is open in Bab Idriss.
1960: A third branch is open in Starco Center.
1968: The three brothers found the Messageries du Moyen-Orient de la Presse et du Livre (MMO) in partnership (20%) with NMPP, a subsidiary of Hachette at the time. The company distributes French and local press as well as mass consumption trade books and children's books.
1970: Pierre Naufal founds Naufal Publishing, a publishing and distribution company of Arabic books. The catalog includes big names in Lebanese literature (Mikhail Naimeh, Emily Nasrallah, Salam Racy ...) as well as school and children's books.
1971: Opening of a 4th and major bookstore in Hamra.
1975-1976: Fire following by looting destroy the 3 branches in the city center during the Lebanese civil war. The Headquarters are moved to Sin el fil.
1985: Foundation of Naufal Group in Paris, a branch of Naufal Publishing.
1985-2014: Opening of many bookstores in malls: ABC, Bou Khalil, Metro, Dunes as well as on university (AUB, NDU) and school (IC) Campuses. Today branches total 15.
1996: Librairie Antoine starts publishing schoolbooks and extracurricular books in collaboration with Edicef (a Hachette of France subsidiary).
2004: Founding of Antoine International Holding S.A.L. (AIH).
2010: Founding of Hachette Antoine SAL, a joint venture equally owned by Hachette Livre (France) and Antoine International Holding dedicated to publishing trade and educational books in Arabic for the Middle-East.
2012: Opening of Antoine iD store, a new cultural concept in Beirut Souks, a 15th point of sale becoming Antoine’s flagship store.
2017: Antoine International Holding company takes ownership of Librairie Antoine, MMO and Hachette Antoine.
2018: Antoine International Holding company acquires Culture & Co, the first French bookstore in Dubai, UAE.

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