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Terms & Conditions

Article 1: Recitals

The present General Conditions of Sale shall solely apply to the relation between Librairie Antoine SAL, located at Mkalles, Beirut, Lebanon (hereinafter called We/Us/the company) and any person visiting or performing an online purchase via
All Internet surfers may read the General Conditions of Sale. Since those General Conditions are subject to modifications, the applicable conditions shall be those displayed on the site on the date your order is placed.

Article 2: The Contract

2.1 Conditions for placing an order

You declare being above 18 years old, enjoying legal capacity or holding a parental authorization allowing you to place an order via the site.

Every order processed on the site shall correspond to the normal needs of a household.

2.2 Phases of Contract Conclusion

After having placed your order, we shall send you an e-mail confirming the content thereof and informing you of the possibility of modifying (adding or removing items) or canceling your order, until dispatch date.

This possibility of modification or cancellation does not include ‘Special Order’ items, unless as set forth in article 3 below.

We shall inform you by e-mail that your items have been dispatched. The said e-mail shall confirm our acceptance of your order and constitutes therefore the Sale Agreement concluded between you and us.
We reserve the right to reject any order bound for a country in a state of war with Lebanon.

Article 3: Prices, Availability and Delivery

Prices on the site are displayed by default in US dollars. Prices are inclusive of all Lebanese taxes (Lebanese V.A.T. and all other applicable taxes), but exclusive of all others costs including carriage costs, order processing fees and gift-wrapping fees.

Prices in other currencies are displayed according to an exchange rate defined by us. Prices are solely indicative and do not reflect the product selling price, which is always determined in US dollars. In any case the company cannot be deemed responsible for any variation in price due to exchange rates. Payment shall always be made in US dollars (USD). Every payment performed through a bank account in any currency other than the US dollar shall be debited according to the applicable bank rate in the market.

We accept your orders subject to available stocks. We shall inform You of the items available for sale on the Site, on the product page of each item, that shall be accessible through the button link ‘Add to the Basket’. We cannot provide you with more information on availability. If, despite our vigilance, the item(s) requested is/are not available, We shall inform you of their unavailability by e-mail in the shortest time limits. In any case the company cannot be deemed responsible in case one or more products should appear as available on the product page and are not. Delivery time limits are only indicative and we cannot, in any and all cases, guarantee delivery within these time limits in consequence the company cannot be deemed responsible in any case of late delivery.

English books that are available in their “Export Edition” cannot be sold outside the Middle East.

In case you order an item that is not available in our stock (Special Orders), We shall debit the total amount of that order even before processing it. As soon as a special order has been payed for any cancellation or return cannot be processed without our express authorization. Such authorization is not guaranteed and shall be given at the sole discretion of the company.

As other e-commerce websites, all our prices (as mentioned on search results and product pages) are indicative prices,and if despite all our efforts, some of the items available for sale on our Site have a real price that is different from ”our price” then the following applies:
- If the real price is less than the price displayed on the Site, We shall charge you the lower price and send you the item.
- If the real price is higher than the one displayed on the Site, We shall inform you about it by e-mail and cancel your order unless you choose to accept to place your order under the new price.
In all and any case no claim could be deemed if “our price” is not equal to the real price.

Article 4: Customs Duties

Every order placed through the Site may be subject to taxes and customs duties applicable upon the parcel’s arrival at destination. You shall be responsible for and bear the possible customs duties and taxes related to an item delivery. We shall not be responsible for checking and informing you of the applicable customs duties and taxes. Therefore, We suggest that you seek this information from the competent authorities in your country.

Article 5: Payment

Payment may be effected by card. Check and Cash on delivery payment options are available only for delivery in Lebanon.

Payment by bank checks is only possible for checks drawn on banks located in Lebanon and in the case of a special order ( In the event of payment by check, the check shall be cashed upon receipt thereof.

The check shall be made to the order of Librairies Antoine SAL and sent to the following address:
Librairie Antoine SAL
Antoine Building
Mkalles, Lebanon
Tel: +9611 697310 ext. 224

For payment by checks, the items will only be sent after the amount due is credited to our account.
In the event of payment with payment cards, the due amount shall be debited upon the placement of your order. If the payment card is rejected by the competent authority the order shall be automatically cancelled. In all and any cases neither party can introduce any action claiming any damages.

Article 6: Returns

Returns can only take place if a product is damaged, or if it does not correspond to your order, pending acceptance from the company. You may only request a return within 8 days of the delivery date.
If the delivered item(s) do not comply with your order we will accept returns. You are requested to return the said item(s) within 30 days of the approval of your complaint. The company vouches to reimburse you on the basis of the cheapest shipping method available to you and send you the item(s) complying with your order, as long as they are still available in stock, with no extra charge or reimburse the full priced paid.
If an item(s) is delivered damaged you may request a return or a discount that may or may not be approved by the company.

Either way you will be asked to return the product within 30 days of the acceptation of the complaint by our client services.

Should you fail to honor your obligation of returning the said damaged or non-complying item within 30 days, or should we receive the item in a condition that does not meet the description you made thereof in your claim, we shall reserve the right not to reimburse the full price paid.

Article 7: Reservation of Ownership

The items delivered shall remain our property until you fulfill all your obligations towards us, namely until the full payment of the price, plus interests if applicable.

Article 8: Guarantees and Liability

You shall benefit from the provisions of the legal guarantee for latent defects.

We disclaim any responsibility in case the delivered item is not in conformity with the legislations of the country of delivery.

We are committed to all the diligence due in the business, for the provision of the service offered to the client. However, We decline any responsibility in case we fail to fulfill our contractual obligations due to an act of God or to force majeure, as defined by the judicial precedents rendered by Irish courts.
Should the publisher or distributor be out of stock, we shall not be held responsible for any delay. Moreover, we shall not be held responsible in case of differences between the items photos, texts and illustrations on our Site and the ordered items.

We shall use all the means available to us to provide the services covered by the present General Conditions of Sale. We shall be responsible for all direct and foreseeable damages at the moment of use of the Site or the conclusion of the sale contract between you and us. We shall not, in all and any case, be responsible for profit loss, commercial loss, data loss, shortfall in earnings, or for any other indirect or unforeseeable damage at the time of the use the Site or of the conclusion of the sale contract between You and Us.

The liability limitation above shall not apply in case of fraudulent misrepresentation or gross misconduct from our part.

Article 9: License to Access the Site

We shall grant you a limited license for your personal access to and use of the Site. You are not authorized, in any case, to download or modify part or all of our site without our written express authorization.
This license does not allow you, in any case, to use this site or its content (listed products, descriptions, prices, downloading or copying information for other traders' accounts, use of data, software, audio clips, graphics, images, texts, photos, tools) for sale or any other commercial use.

This site or any part thereof shall not, in any case, be reproduced, copied, sold, or used for commercial purposes without our written express authorization.

You shall not use techniques allowing the copying of a trademark, a logo, or any other information (namely images, texts and layouts) we own, without our written express consent. You shall not use meta tags or any other ‘hidden’ texts displaying our name, trademark or the name of any of our group companies, without our written express consent. Any non-authorized use shall terminate the license we have granted you.

Article 10: Reviews, Critiques, Communications and other Contents

The Site users may send Us critiques, reviews or any other content; they may send their suggestions, ideas, questions or any other information, as far as this content is not illegal, obscene, abusive, threatening, slanderous, inconsistent with the intellectual property rights or detrimental to third parties, and is not or does not contain any viruses, political militancy, commercial solicitations, mass mailing, chain mailing or any other form of spam. You shall not use a fake e-mail address or a fake personal or collective identity. You shall not give false content sources. We reserve the right to remove or modify any content you post on the site, at our total discretion.

Unless otherwise provided for by us, if you send us content, you accept to give us and the companies of our group, for the legal copyright duration, the free and non-exclusive right of exploiting, duplicating, modifying, adapting, publishing, translating, distributing, sub-licensing and displaying the said content in the entire world and through all media. You grant us, the companies of our group and our sub-licensees the right to use the name you gave us when supplying your content. You shall waive your right to be identified as the author of such content. You shall accept to perform all deeds necessary to guarantee the rights that you grant us, namely through the execution of all deeds and documents upon our request.

You declare and guaranty that you are the owner of, or holder of the necessary rights related to the content that You transmit to Us; and that on the date of the content transmission: (i) the content is exact and true, and (ii) the use of the content is not inconsistent with any of our policies and does not entail prejudice to any third party (namely that the content is not slanderous). You agree to indemnify us in case of any action taken by a third party against us, having as reason, grounds or origin the content that you sent us.

Article 11: Applicable Law and Competent Jurisdiction

The present General Conditions of Sale are subject to the Irish consumer law.

Any dispute in relation with the commercial relation between you and us shall be submitted to the exclusive competence of the Irish jurisdiction.

Article 12: Identification

You may contact us through by mailing us on:

If you think that any of the contents displayed on our Site may infringe any of your intellectual property rights, or if you have any question concerning our Site, please send us a letter to the following address:
Librairie Antoine SAL
Antoine Building
Mkalles, Lebanon
Tel: +9611 697310 ext. 224

Article 13: Original Version

A translation of the present Terms & conditions is available in French on the French version of this website. However, in case of any difference between the English version and the French version, the English version shall prevail.

Article 14: Shipping fees

Region Delivery Time Cost per item Cost per order
LEBANON 2-5 business days Free $67.00
Gulf Countries 2-5 business days $11.00 $15.00
Europe & North Africa 2-5 business days $11.00 $20.00
Canada / USA 2-5 business days $12.00 $25.00
Rest of the World 2-5 business days $12.00 $30.00
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